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Fairfield Primary School offer lots of different after school clubs , for example: Calligraphy Club, Spanish Club, Rugby, Football, Lego League, Hockey, Homework Club and choir to name a few.

Crime Lab Club

Rugby Club

Lego League


A wonderful day out at the Lego League tournament yesterday, all the children who participated were an absolute credit to our school and this was commented upon by many people throughout the day. The children worked as a team, supported each other and enjoyed an exciting culmination to all their hard work in Maths, Science and Engineering over the last few months at Lego League club. I think the highlight of the day for the children was chatting with Oscar the Robot! We are extremely proud of them all and looking forward to the new season being released! Photographs to follow.

Mrs Strickland

Year 4 Winning Quicksticks Team.

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