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Extra Curricular Activities

Cockermouth Rugby Competition (Year 5/6 boys, Year 3/4 Boys and Year 3, 4, 5, 6 Girls) 14/07/17. Well done to all 70 children who took part it was excellent to see. Very well done to the semi-finalists from Yr 3/4 Boys and Yr 5/6 Boys Team 2. Finally, huge congratulations to the compeition winners Year 5/6 Boys team 1 and Year 3, 4, 5, 6, Girls Team 1!

Year 1 Trip to the Aquarium

15th June 2017

Year 4 trip to explore different habitats of Finglandrigg Nature Reserve.

Children in the two classes were mixed and worked in two groups.

They enjoyed two super activities led by ...

Natural England and their local partners, Mike and Shirley

Maths Day - 3/7/17

Year 1 Football Tournament

Just want to say a big well done to this little team. They have done Fairfield Primary proud today. Each and everyone of them played their heart out. So well done everyone!!!!⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Year 5 visit - The Big Bang

A great morning out had by all at Big Bang North West! Lots of fantastic businesses and organisations generating curiosity and excitement in tomorrow's scientists, engineers and mathematicians, and of course, Oscar the Robot!

Year 5 Visit with SSC Bloodhound Team

A few snaps from our fabulous morning working with the SSC Bloodhound Team and finding out about their record attempt taking place in October. Watch this space for exciting activities in school based around the event!

13th June 2017 Year 6 Cricket Team

13th June 2017 Year 6 Cricket Team 1
Today some of our Year 6 children went to Wigton to play in a cricket tournament. They played extremely well and are now through to the County finals. Well done everyone!!!

These are the top 3 finishing positions for the Duathlon:

Gold - Max Gartland, Rowan Williams, Livy Bennett
Silver - Jack Bloomer
Bronze - Alfie Yoxall, Alice Kemp

Year 5 Residential to Alnwick

The children in Fairfield Primary School are involved in different extra curricular activities as well as after school clubs, for example: Residential from Year 2-6, Cumbria Ski trip, Cycle wise, music lessons (violin, guitars and recorder) and local trips to name a few.

Easter Egg Competition and winners.

Music Concert 6th April 2017

Rotary Young Technologist Competition

The Rotary Young Technologist Competition saw children building and testing transporter bridges with other consortium schools this afternoon. The children showed great collaboration and developed their practical technology and engineering skills. The tractor had to make it safely across the bridge to the finish line - every member of the team was involved in the crossing.Lots of concentration and perseverance was needed to build the bridge and ensure the platform was the right height for the ramps.
Invention Convention
The children of Fairfield Primary School have been working really hard this week on 'Invention Convention'.  They have all been very creative in the ideas and designs.
A sample of some of the ingenious ideas the children have come up with this week. A massive well done to all the children who have asked, imagined, planned, created and improved this week and designed some truly amazing inventions!
Enormous thanks to our STEM ambassadors who visited this morning to select some of our designs for display and to all Fairfield parents who have supported the children at home and provided materials for a very successful Invention Convention!
The children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite character from a book.  There were lots of fantastic costumes!  Each class chose a winning costume and prizes were given out in the assembly.

Space Film Competition

Year 1 visit to Christ Church to learn about baptism.

Year 5 - Ango-Saxon day

Year 4 Tullie House Trip - Egyptians