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High Expectations

Resilience                 Reciprocity                 Reflectiveness              Resourcefulness              


Attitudes, Values and Behaviour

¨ Inspired and motivated pupils, staff and governors

¨ Demonstration and role modelling of effective learning attitudes and thinking skills with the ability to apply a range of strategies to gain success

¨ All members work collectively to uphold the ethos of the school through provision of clear boundaries and expectations throughout the school and in the home

¨ Clear and communicated reciprocal respect for self, environment and others both in and outside the school

¨ Positivity permeates the setting which breeds success and the opportunity to demonstrate   resilience.


The Learning environment

¨ All members of our community take pride in offering a clean, stimulating and high quality   learning environment both indoor and outdoors

¨ Creation of a learning environment where taking risks is the norm for confident and               experimental learners

¨ Full and effective use of resources to develop pupil independence and creativity deepening a love of learning

¨ Uniform in appearance and consistent throughout from the Early Years Foundation Stage to the end of Key Stage 2

¨ High quality displays which both celebrate achievement and show the process of learning with clear progression from year group to year group


Setting goals to stretch and challenge

¨ Culture of self-improvement is endemic and inclusive of all members in our reflective learning to learn school

¨ Show-casing and sharing good practice celebrating talents, achievements and skills of all members

           ¨ High academic achievement hand in hand with emotional intelligence