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Key Stage 2

The children have been learning all about the Bayeux Tapestry. As part of our Art lessons, the children have designed and are creating lovely bookmarks using basic embroidery stitches. We were lucky to have lots of mums and grandmas come in to help. Our sewing afternoons have been relaxing and fun – and productive!

Year 5 Computing at Cockermouth School

Year 5 had a exciting afternoon at Cockermouth School. Year 5 were developing their programming skills with Micro Bits at Cockermouth School. They had to get to grips with the software and learn to upload their programming.They learnt to send messages using Morse code.  They also used NXT Lego Mindstorms to develop their programming skills. 

Year 3 multi-skills worshop

Year 5 Anglo-Saxon quill and runes work