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Sports and Sports Funding

Cockermouth Sports competitions we have competed in this year 2016/17:


Intra School competition

Year 6 Football competition - Spring term lunch

Year 5 Football competition - Spring term lunch

Year 4 Football competition - Spring term lunch

Year 3 Football competition - Spring term lunch

Year 2 Dodgeball - Spring term.

Rugby Competition - Summer term lunch

Year 5 Quik Cricket Competition July 2017

Year 1 Football competition July 2017

Year 2 Football Competition July 2017

Year 6 Rounders competition July 2017

Sports Day - July 2017


Inter School competition

Football Competition Years 6 October 2016 - finished 3rd.

High 5 Netball Years 5/6  October 2016.

Sports Hall Athletics Years 5/6 December 2016 (Finished second).

Quicksticks Hockey Years 3/4 February 2017 (Won the competition) Competed at next Level 2 Competition in Wigton February 2017.

Tennis competition Years 3/4 March 2017.  (First 'large school') Competed at next Level 2 Competition in Workington March 2017.

Orienteering- Spring and Summer terms 2017

Duathlon May 2017 - Yr 4, 5, 6  - Rowan Williams, Max Gartland and Livvi Bennett all winning Gold in their age group, Jack Bloomer and Aaron Hodgson Silver in their age group and Alice Kemp and Alfie Yoxall Bronze in their age group. 24 children from Fairfield participated.

Kwik Cricket June 2017 - Wigton Competition winners. Compete in County finals on  competition on 30/06/17.

Rugby Union July 2017 - Year 5/6 Boys Champions, Year 3, 4, 5, 6, girls Champions!

PE funding 2016/17


How we have spent it:

  • Year 6 x 60 children training to become Sports Leaders £270.00
  • Nurture Group Swimming Sessions £104.00
  • Year 3 Swimming Lessons (60 children) £1,011.00
  • Coaches to/from Swimming £700.00
  • New Footballs £79.98
  • High 5 Netball Bibs £39.98
  • Pump needles £2.97
  • ACPENS payment £10.00 
  • Wright Sports Tennis Coaching (in School) £322.00
  • Wright Sports Hockey coaching (in School) £504.00
  • Community transport Swimming £25.00
  • Community transport Whinlatter £30.00
  • 5 a Day fitness £240.00 (2016)
  • 5 a Day fitness £240.00 (2017)
  • Football coaching (in School Years 1 and 2) £600
  • Cockermouth PE Consortium Sports £200.00
  • Allerdale Sports Partnerships/coaching – Multi-skills, Cricket, Tennis, Netball £675.00


Planned possible spending for next installment (cost dependent):

  • New gym mats and benches
  • New basketballs, netballs, footballs
  • Painting of school yards Key Stage 1 and 2.
  • Marking of 1K route/signs

Impact of funding

Our spending has already had a big impact on the children’s participation in sport. Specialist coaches have helped develop children's skills which in turn has facilitated success at local competitions.  We have won the Hockey Competition and came second in the Tennis competition and represented Cockermouth in the regional (Level 2 Competitions).

Participation in school sports clubs has surged.  We now have Sports Leaders from Year 6 delivering sporting activities on a daily basis to all year groups during lunch times.  Furthermore, to increase participation across all year groups and children staff have delivered in school, lunch time clubs i.e. football/rugby across Key stage 2.  Again, this has facilitated community links as some children have been identified and subsequently channeled to a representative at the local football club.

We have extended provision to cover SEN and or disadvantaged children through funding transport and events to increase participation and develop community links.  Furthermore, close links with our nurture group help to harness sports and its importance in developing friendship, team building, resilience and enjoyment.

To increase girls participation in sport we have targeted lunch time clubs and celebrate success in sport for all children.  To build community links with Cockermouth Rugby Union Football club we have a lunch time rugby club fro girls only.

As a part of our commitment to supporting the more able pupils in school we will be seeking to funding some places at the Chance Camp which takes place over the holidays. This means that those children who excel in sport are given the chance to develop their skills with a professional sports coach.  We aim to relaunch this from September 2017/18.

Finally, all children across the school now participate in the 1K a day walk/run.  This is an activity undertaken daily and seeks to link to the obesity strategy, increase participation, fitness and enjoyment of sport and the importance of keeping active.  This iniatitive has been a huge success.